Jennifer Lynne Flint

I had a really awesome reading with AJ! He covered everything from past-life issues (very accurately, I might add, since I was already aware of many of them) to the next steps I need to take in my life and business. It was all very useful and practical information, and AJ even performed several energy clearings to help me move beyond the issues he identified. I feel lighter already! I would definitely recommend AJ if you're interested in getting a reading to help you move forward in your life, relationship, or career. He puts a great deal of time and energy into each client (even more than you pay for), and it's clear that he really cares, too. What a wonderful experience! Thanks, AJ!
Jennifer Lynne Flint,
Portland, Maine

Lorena Morales

I booked my session with AJ on a whim. As soon as I booked I felt a sense of peace—don’t know why but I felt as if it was the right thing to do. I have had several readings of all kinds in the past and my expectations are very high. I am happy to report that AJ didn’t let me down. His reading was perfection—a combination of deep spirituality with practical action steps. After our reading I wanted to hire him as my business coach, I am so grateful I found him and I am looking forward to my clearing session with him. I f you are feeling stuck, I suggest you book a session now, you will thank me later!
Lorena Morales,
New York City, NY

Tatiana Christian

At first I was both excited and anxious about getting an Akashic Records reading. I had never paid so much for psychic work before and wasn't sure what to expect (in the past, the most I'd ever paid was $65 - which seemed like a lot at the time!). But, sitting down and speaking with AJ was REALLY amazing. We were really compatible, and he proved to be great fun to speak with. A lot of the things he mentioned resonated with me, and gave me a deeper and clearer sense of self. I also thoroughly love past life (and karma) work, so it was fantastic that we touched on those. But what I loved the most about my reading with him were the actual steps he gave me (a type of homework!) and that we did some clearing. This really sparked something inside me - from now on, I will be on the look-out for psychic work that also seeks to empower me and help make my life better instead of just info dumping on me and sending me on my way. AJ was amazing and I HIGHLY recommend him. Money well spent!!
Tatiana Christian,
Philadelphia, PA

Sasha Campbell

My session with AJ came to me at a time when I was thinking about getting some extra guidance and then AJ appeared in my life. AJ's energy, commitment and knowledge is amazing and I had so much fun working with him. I believe AJ has a special talent and that shines through when you listen to how passionate he is. The biggest take away for me was really learning about my soul's purpose and how I can align myself and my business to fully embrace what I am here to accomplish and do at a soul level. After speaking with AJ I felt uplifted, secure in what I am doing and confident that I am indeed on the right path.
Sasha Campbell,
Ontario, Canada

Brandee Sweesy

I have been getting readings for years and from all over the world. What makes a really AMAZING psychic is the ability to be clear, objective and deliver the message with love. That combo is not the norm - it is the exception. AJ is the exception. He is a brilliant, loving and clear psychic that I have complete confidence in recommending and will be seeking out again!
Brandee Sweesy,
San Diego, CA

Will Burger

I recently received an Akashic Records reading from AJ, and not only was it a fascinating experience, but it was actually spot on. I have received only one other such reading, and the way that I can tell that both individuals were truly connected is that they both arrived at the same result, with unique styles of expression. Clearly the records do not lie, and the insight that I gained has been invaluable to my ongoing spiritual development. I do not believe that just anyone can connect with the records, but AJ has clearly been chosen!
Will Burger,
Stevensville, MD

Kari Samuels

As a professional psychic and energy healer, I am extremely choosey about who I go to for my own readings and spiritual tune ups. I found AJ through some mutual friends and was immediately drawn to his energy. He has a tremendous passion for life, people, and all things metaphysical. He's has an upbeat and fun personality which I just adore. I knew he had something special to offer me, so I had a session with him. He is amazing! What a vast array of knowledge and tools he has. Even though I have been studying energy medicine for years, he still had some valuable insight to help me that I hadn't known about before. He was thorough, quick, accurate, and an overall joy. I know he's a rising star in the psychic world. He's got the goods for sure! What a gift he is to the world. We are very lucky he's sharing his gifts with us! Five stars!
Kari Samuels,
Los Angeles, CA

Dawnne Horn

Since my Akashic Records Reading with AJ, my life has profoundly changed. Soon after I finished the repatterning work, I began to notice more confidence coming from within myself, improved energy and effortless weight loss. The anxiety and stress that had been plaguing me for years was leaving me! My connection with Divine Source has been completely renewed, and my goals are in within sight. I am now able to understand that the experiences in my life were lessons I desperately needed to learn, I am healing and moving forward. I now know that AJ was placed here for me, but never expected someone who would truly care about my well being, and take so much time, but AJ does just that! He is the real deal. It is a joy working with him, and I look forward to future sessions. Thank you, AJ! You are the best!
Dawnne Horn,
Dallas, Texas