Energy Hygiene


Dear Spiritual Seeker,

It’s time to put an end to the madness!

You are the powerful creator of your own experience—it’s about time your energetic state of Being reflected that! Don’t you think?

  • You’re energetically sensitive…
  • Maybe even hyper sensitive, or even an Empath…
  • and the more “awake” you become, the more sensitivity comes along with it!

And chances are, you’re suffering because of it!

The good news is that there’s a permanent way of clearing your energy field!

You’re invited to my new 3 week web class on how to PERMANENTLY clear your energy field from negativity. It’s call “Energy Hygiene” and it’s designed to help you manage your energy must better resulting in a much easier life. 


Here are the juicy details: 

  • It’s a 3-week class taught live over GoToWebinar (with recordings of the replay that go out immediately after).
  • It’s the first 3 Saturday’s of the month, beginning July 5st at 12pm EST (but you DON’T have to be there live!)
  • There is also a bonus call the 4th Tuesday of July at 3pm EST just in case you have any other questions.

Week 1

  • We learn to detect and clear energetic issues that originated in THIS LIFETIME.
  • These will become your Energy Hygiene techniques for keeping yourself clear WITHOUT doing it everyday.
  • We will train our subconscious to properly filter energy that doesn’t show up by conscious CHOICE!

Week 2

  • We will learn to detect and clear energetic issues originating from PREVIOUS LIFETIMES.
  • You’ll only need to do this once and you’ll experience almost immediate relief from these issues because you’ll choose to deal with the energy in the here and now rather than in the past.
  • We’ll talk about when and where it’s appropriate to clear your energy so that these changes are permanent.

Week 3

  • Finally, in Week 3, you’ll learn an incredibly powerful technique to releasing energy between you and other people in your life.
  • No more pulling and tugging, no more victimhood—you can finally have relationship with people without the energetic strings attached.
  • This alone will change how you approach relationships.

Bonus Week 4!

  • On Tuesday, July 22nd at 3pm EST, I’ll be hosting a special Q&A call for one final chance to get any questions answered.
    Also, there will be free e-mail support the entire month of July for anybody who needs further assistance from me.


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