Intuition for Purpose Seekers

We hear a lot about the 1%, don’t we? Those rich powerful people that seem to get everything they want while the rest of us get leftovers.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about why some people are extraordinarily successful and others are barely scraping by.

Then it came to me this morning. It’s all about the masculine/feminine paradigm. Each of us has a certain percentage of masculine energy and feminine energy. This is the preverbal yin and yang polarity that exists within each of us. Ideally, we want to have equal amounts of both or at least get close to that 50% mark.

But 99% of the population does not have a healthy masculine/feminine balance. This really comes from thousands of years of prioritizing one over the other…

…and us spiritual people have the greatest imbalance!

Obviously, we’re here to have both a spiritual and a physical experience. But far too often, many of us get into spirituality from a place of desiring an easier life. We want things to be more comfortable. We feel really icky living in this messy planet with all of the karma, the dharma, the “good vs. evil” and recognize that we come from a place where that polarity isn’t so dense.

And most spiritual teachings follow a very feminine approach to life. It’s more about receiving and “going with the flow” than it is about creating the experience we really want.

The problem? Money comes from the masculine side of things. It has nothing to do with being born a male or a female, by the way. We’re all made up of both energies. But without incorporating both sides, the yin and the yang, we’re only operating at 50% capacity.

Why do think spiritual people are always so exhausted? We’re generally not creating enough vital force energy to create what we want in life—and far too often we’re left feeling stuck and “blocked”.

Here’s a chart I created to show you how these energies work:


  • Passive
  • Waits for things to “happen”
  • Wonders if it’s meant to be
  • Asks for permission
  • Likes things easy
  • Waits on the Universe


  • Active
  • Making Shit Happen
  • Decides it’s meant to be
  • Asks for forgiveness
  • Thrives on a challenge
  • Takes persistent action steps

If we want to create the financial reality (or any reality) we want to see in our lives, we HAVE to operate at 100% capacity. If we’re living in feminine energy 70-80% of the time, it’s going to be really difficult to create change and transformation we long for.

So my challenge for you is to evaluate what ACTIONS you’re taking in your life and see if they’re incorporating both masculine and feminine perspectives. Leave a comment and let me know what your thoughts are!

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