Burn Those Permission Slips

Hi, this is AJ McClary and I want to talk to you today about something that you’re probably experiencing right now in at least one life area. Everybody goes through this, especially if you live in Western Culture and grew up in an environment where you couldn’t take action on something without asking permission first. It’s basically programmed into our subconscious and it’s a habit we all need to break if we’re going to be successful. And that is what we’re talking about today!

So what habit do all of us purpose seekers need to break? It’s the need for approval from external authorities. I realize most of us grew up in environments where we had to ask permission first. Our whole world is set up this way. And…most of the time, it’s unnecessary and it’s holding you back. Even worse, a lot of us are looking for permission slips from the Universe expecting God or our Spirit Guides or Angels to tell it’s okay to move forward in an area we’d like to explore in our lives.

We look for approval from our spouses and parents and even our children, wondering what they might think or whether they would accept us for the direction we’re taking our lives. The truth is that it’s not very likely, most of the time, that we’re going to get acceptance from all of these people—especially if the direction we’re going challenges what they perceive to be “safe”.

What really moves our soul forward and creates the biggest strides of growth for us is rarely the safe and easy route—but it’s always the most rewarding and fulfilling. Those “permission slips” we put out there, they’re for children. They’re not for adults. We don’t need anybody to validate our purposeful work in this world. We certainly don’t need anybody to give us permission to live the life we wanna live.

This goes for the idea of impressing big shots too. Other people do not make you successful. You don’t need the approval from Wayne Dyer or Deepak Chopra to validate what you’re doing. I say this from experience. I used to think “If only I could impress someone like Marie Forleo, I’d be set”. It doesn’t work that way. I don’t need anybody’s permission to do the work I want to do in the world and neither do you.

If we’re going to stand in our purposeful work, we’ve gotta BURN those permission slips. We need to do the work our soul wants to do, not to impress others, but to move our soul into the direction it wants to go.

So I wanna hear from you, what permission slips do you need to burn? Who have you made an authority in your life? Leave a comment below.

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This has been AJ McClary, thank you so much for watching!

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  1. Hey Aj! I think this post came at a great time! I’ve been feeling really apathetic and not taking any action – which happens when I don’t ave any clarity around what I want or what I want to do.

    I got a reading with Lisa a few months back and my Guides gave me some specific advice. I felt really empowered for a few days (as always) but didn’t really have this huge follow through. I’m also one of those people who takes everything for a sign, so I thought my inability to go through on things I said I would was an omen that I shouldn’t do them.

    (Even though, in general, I have really shitty follow through and I’m mostly only good at the beginning stages of getting excited).

    Anyway, so I’m kind of back at square one because my idea for my life keeps changing. A part of my wants to travel and write and live abroad permanently. Another part of me wants to work in tech and attend a tech bootcamp (which is something I failed at over the summer). (But as I write this, I think I’d like a full-time tech job abroad that will give me enough flexibility to travel!)

    But I often come back to this problem of not knowing what direction to follow because I’m waiting for my guidies or intuition to TELL me. I don’t want to make any more mistakes in my life, to have shit just not work out. I want to make sure I get on the right path immediately so that I won’t have to start over again. I’m tired of starting over. I’d like to get something done right, for once!

    So… that’s where I am. I don’t know how to figure out what my Soul wants, all I know is what kind of experience I’d like to have, and I’d like to be more involved in the gaming/tech community. I just need to get off my ass and do shit! Hah.

    Thanks for this video/post! :]

    • Wow! I’m so happy that I could help! I just love Lisa, isn’t she awesome?

      Your guides hold your intentions as if they are their own. So if they give you advice and you don’t take it, they hold that intention with you. You’re in charge!

      I think you’re right, ACTION TIME!!!!

  2. AJ, I’m trying to think of someone and…I can’t. I guess there are people who I’d love to have agree with me but mainly because I like a good chat :) Sometimes it’s even fun to have a Devil’s Advocate, just for the experience. At the end of the day, we are responsible for ourselves, but guides can help us with timing, details, synchronicity…basically they provide any and all kinds of help, even when that help is throwing up brick walls to say,”Wrong way,” or “Not yet.” I guess as I type that it could be read that the guides are in charge, but maybe what it is is more like they have our soul’s plan in their hands. Anyway, great points!

    • That’s great that you don’t have anybody :) I think we might have a differing belief on Guides. I don’t see them as an authority in our lives…more like a resource that doesn’t judge.

      But I do know that some people have differing experiences. For instance, if you study Michael Newtons work, in his research he shares that a lot of people’s guide’s are very hard on them and make them experience certain hardships “for their own good”. That’s not the relationship I have with mine and if I did, I would ask for new guides.

      I just don’t see Guides or Angels as authority figures, I see them more like librarians or doctors. They’re here to give you information and healing, but you don’t have to receive it and they’re not going to force you to do anything.

  3. AJ, as always, you are right on the mark! Unless you are willing to act on the courage of your convictions, (not everyone else’s) you won’t become who you’re meant to be in this lifetime. And because change begets change, even those who you are waiting for “permission” from will be stuck in that place too.

    • Thank you so much Debbie. I appreciate that!

  4. Wow…this came at such an amazing time! I am currently completing my very first book. The chapter I just finished was ALL about this “need for approval”. …always hoping someone is gonna “get” you. And I am learning every single day (and my book is lifting and healing) you really just have to get yourself. That’s it… you can be present and in service with your unique talents and expression for the world. I LOVED your sharings!

    • Wow! Congrats on the book. How exciting! Thank you so much!

  5. Hello AJ, Love the video. Your comment about asking for permission from God or spirit guide rang true. I most of the time am always seeking guidance and asking if I’m on the right path. However, more often than not I know I am yet I am still asking the obvious. I love the clarity this video has brought me; you do not need permission, it’s all about following your heart.

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