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Working with clients, I’m constantly getting the same questions over and over again in my sessions: “Is ______ my soul mate?”,  “When will I find my soul mate?”, and “Who is my soul mate?”

I really thought this topic warranted a little discussion here at the blog because I have a perspective on this that might surprise you. Our culture has romanticized our gender roles to a point where we’re meant to feel like we’re not complete without a life partner. It kind of makes sense when you think about it. We live in a world of polarity and we tend to attract people in our life who have qualities that are opposite of our own. So it’s natural to feel that lack of wholeness in world where we’re told over and over again that we’re not enough.

From my experience working in the Akashic Records and having Past Life Regression therapy, I can vouch for the concept of Soul Mates. They do exist, but I don’t think they’re what most people think they are. I believe we enter into soul contracts with people we incarnate with—even the people we have bad experiences with. What we often perceive as “good” and “bad” are simply agreements we have made with other souls in order to have certain learning experiences. “Soul Mate Contracts” are a type of agreement we make with a specific people in order to have major strides of growth and evolution in a short period of time.

So when you’re looking for that Soul Mate, keep in mind that…A soul mate could be a partner that constantly bosses you around in order for you to finally learn that you’re the only real authority in your life. A soul mate could be an abusive spouse you’ve spent FOUR lifetimes with sacrificing your safety in exchange for financial security. These are just a few examples here, but you get what I’m saying. Soul Mates can often be quite complicated relationships!

When I read for people in the Akashic Records and I reveal that the particular dysfunctional relationship a client is experiencing is actually Soul Mate relationship, people are generally surprised at first—but quickly acknowledge the magnetic attraction they have always had with that partner. It’s because they’ve have many past lives together (probably lives where their roles were reversed) and know each other on such a deep level that they continue to incarnate together to have these experiences together.

My opinion is that you don’t really want a “Soul Mate”, what you really want is the relationship that comes after those learning experiences have been checked off as complete. That’s where a lot of the real magic happens—when you can operate outside of the karma and polarity based relationships and from a newer paradigm. Even if your current relationship is dysfunctional, you can heal that relationship and turn it into one that you dream about—but you have to work together and have the learning experiences first. That partner has to support you in your own spiritual evolution and you have to support them in theirs.

Now I want to hear from you! What’s your take on Soul Mates? Do you agree with my perspective? Leave a comment below!

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