Intuition for Purpose Seekers

I’ve talked about self authority on this blog in the past. It’s something I feel very strongly about. My whole practice, including my one-on-one readings and the content I teach in my courses encourages people to be their own authority in their lives. As spiritual beings we’ve spent eons looking to outside forces to tell us what to do. We see this with religion, we see this with politics, and we even see it in our education system. We have to stop doing that!

There is no job assignment from the God. Your purpose is to experience your Spiritual nature in your human experience. Some people call this ascension. Some call it enlightenment. How you do that is entirely up to you. All of the answers can be found by looking inward. We don’t have to get the answers from psychic’s, spiritual teachers, or anyone else. Sure, they help us along our path—but they are not meant to be authority figures!

Somewhere along the way, as part of our spiritual evolution, we decided that we were not powerful enough. We felt we needed our government and religious leaders to tell us what to do in order to keep us safe. We decided that if we want to grow and evolve, we should do what everybody else is doing and make that our path. According to my Guides, 86% of the planet is still living from that paradigm.

The reason why I’m writing this article is because I get emails just about every day from people who tell me  about their experiences. Many assume because a spirit is close to them, perhaps trying to make contact with them, that there is some Divine “job assignment” that they must fulfill. People are awakening at a rapid pace. It’s very common to see things on the corner of your eye, to hear things in the middle the night, and to feel the presence of other entities. It happens! You are powerful and all it takes is your intention to make them go away.

Spirit is going to support you in whatever path you want to go on. That path is your choice. There is a learning experience in everything. It doesn’t matter what choices you make, you’re going to learn from them.

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