Intuition for Purpose Seekers

I’ve been thinking about writing this article for a long time and I finally decided that it’s time to unveil one of the biggest illusions we hold as a society. It’s the illusion that:

  • If only we could get onto Oprah, we’d be successful
  • If only we could get a shout out from someone famous, we’d be successful
  • If only we could get a job at Google, we’d be successful

It’s not even remotely true at all!

I can’t even begin to tell you how many people I know who have had media exposure to millions of people are not millionaires yet. I can count about 6 people who’ve had incredible opportunities like that—but at the end of the day, they’re really on their own just like the rest of us. Sure, exposure can help, but it doesn’t make us successful.

I used to hold the belief that other people defined me. I’d hire coaches, I’d woo the big shots, and I’d do everything I could to capture the attention of influential people. It makes sense in theory—but other people can only help you recognize and grow the qualities that already exist within you. I learned this from working with a coach. Nobody is responsible for our results, but us!

You see, when we look to outside influences to define our success, we are making them an authority. We’re taking our own Divine Power out of the equation and we’re giving that Power to others. We’re essentially spreading your vital force energy across multiple channels. This misalignment creates interference on an energetic level—making creation MUCH harder!

The illusion here is that we have to look outside of ourselves to create what we want. We believe we have to impress others. We believe work has to be hard. We believe we have to sacrifice. We believe we have to climb the corporate ladder. None of this is true!

Here’s the secret. You are powerful enough. You don’t need Oprah. You don’t need someone famous to give you a chance. You don’t need a permission slip from your parents, your boss, your boyfriend, or your coach. You’re in charge here!

So I want you to leave a comment below—where have you been spreading your energy to outside forces (thinking it will make you successful)? I’d love to know your experience!

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