The TWO Emotions That Stall Your Spiritual Growth

I want to share some thoughts on spiritual growth and evolution. We are all on a path to becoming better versions of ourselves—improving and understanding who we are as spiritual beings and seeing ourselves as part of Source. Part of that involves being able to release emotional and mental clutter that keep our vibrations low. There are two emotions that are very heavy and not only make it difficult to evolve spiritually, they also inhibit our ability to connect to higher levels of consciousness.

In the Akashic Records, I can measure where you are vibrationally by checking your Vibration Rate. As you grow and evolve, that rate goes higher—moving your consciousness out of the 4th dimension and into the 5th and 6th. Most souls vibrate in the 4th because most people are holding on to very low vibrational energies, like fear, anger, guilt, etc. Anything that encourages separation from our Source keeps us vibrating at a lower frequency. According to my Guides, the two heaviest emotions prevalent on our planet are Anger and Fear. 

We’ve all seen anger in action. It’s that “me vs. you” energy. It’s the “I’m more important than you” energy. Most people get angry because somebody or something won’t conform or cooperate with them. It’s the energy of control and it’s the ultimate separation from Source. Anger essentially operates out of scarcity and lack. I’m currently in the middle of a spiritual practice at the moment to release anger. I didn’t think I had much anger weighing me down, but I’m beginning to notice how much it shows up in my life. For me, it’s in the form of judgement of others. There are people in my life who seem to trigger such feelings inside of me and it’s only through paying attention to it, I’ve been able to release it. Ultimately, we’re all moving into an energy of acceptance and non-judgement and anger is the opposite of that state of being.

Fear is an illusion. The reality is that we ultimately have nothing to be afraid of. Most things that keep us in the energy of fear are ridiculous anyways. Fear really comes from the belief that we are not safe. There was a time in our history where our ancestors needed to feel fear in order to not get killed. Breaking against the beliefs and the traditions of a village, for example, could get the entire village killed. We carry this in our DNA and it’s simply not necessary anymore. We live in a time period where we simply don’t need to be afraid of such things.

How to eliminate Anger and Fear

  • Do a cleanse. Liver detoxes, in particular, are excellent for removing anger from the body. In Eastern Medicine, anger is stored in the liver. Cleanses are a great way to remove toxins from the body.
  • Make a list. Pull out a sheet of paper and draw a line down the middle to create two columns. In the left column, write “Anger” and in the right column, right “Fear”. Begin to make a list of everything, every person, and every circumstance that trigger anger and fear. Remember. Nobody “makes you” feel anything. As you make your list, take ownership of YOUR stuff!
  • Recognize it when it shows up in your life and immediate release it.

Additionally, you can also work with an energy healing practitioner, like myself to perform Soul Clearing. Clearing is an excellent way to rapidly raise your vibration because it allows you to gain consciousness of the emotional and mental clutter that has carried over from lifetime to lifetime and remove it from your energy field.

How are you handling fear and anger in your life? Have you found any tools that help you conquer it? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Yep, they are the lowest crap vibrations for sure. As my vibration has gone up (due to deep inner work), I find I cannot be around that energy at all. Especially fear – I don’t watch network television or follow anyone who holds fear vibrations. There’s no need for that. Drama, chaos, etc. are off-shoots of that as well.

    Good suggestions on how to work with those energies! I have made a conscious choice to not allow that in my energy field and am almost pushed in the other direction (energetically) when I feel it. Intention and consciousness are everything!

    • SO true!!! I can’t either. Everybody is into that show Breaking Bad and I can’t watch it because it’s so dark. I should have also mentioned that Fear and Anger are really good things to watch out for when working with a Spiritual Teacher or Intuitive as well!

  2. I had not thought of a liver cleanse, but it makes complete sense. And I’m with Lisa- no fear here. No network news, no local news. Do you think Anger is easier to deal with an dispel than fear? One can lead to the other- but I feel easier moving anger than fear…

    • Anger feels so different than fear. It’s also really hard on the body and destructive to people around you. I think they’re equally difficult. One of my teachers says that Anger is the most difficult one to release.

  3. For me, recognizing the emotions as they show up can be helpful. I’m the sort of person who often represses (unconsciously) strong negative emotions, which leave me numb all the time, so I’ve heard learning to feel the emotion in the body is good so that you can release it, and it doesn’t store up and deplete your energy. But, sometimes, giving conscious attention to (ie recognizing)the source of anger or fear (or other negative emotion) sometimes seems to make it consume you if you then start thinking about it a lot. Recognizing emotion is helpful, but how does one then release it?

    Also, do you recommend any particular liver cleanse regimen or product, or general formula? I’m guessing some are less safe or more natural than others?

    • Releasing is really easy when you recognize it. I just breathe through it. One particular method you might want to try is something called “The Sedona Method”. I really like their process of release a lot. I am using a few herbal products, but I’m not sure if they are the best or not. I recommend seeing a holistic doctor.

  4. And thank you for the article, by the way! :)

    • You’re welcome!!!

  5. I think of anger as a third chakra emotion, and fear as first. Third chakra, associated with sense of self, boundaries between self and other, the element of fire, action, and change. When anger shows up, what is it trying to say about which of these needs your attention? Fear – first chakra, earth, survival, money, home, roots. Same thing here. That’s how I address and inform myself about how to use what I am noticing!

    • YES! That’s a really good observation. Totally agree, Jen!

  6. Hi AJ! I wanted to share two thoughts re: this post. First, I did a naturopath-supervised juice fast a few months ago, and I couldn’t believe how angry I felt the whole time. I have put in a lot of work clearing those low-vibration emotions over the years, but it was amazing how much of it was still stored in my liver, apparently.

    Also, for those of you who are interested in a well-researched liver cleansing program, check out Andreas Moritz’s book, The Amazing Liver & Gallbladder Flush. I haven’t tried it myself yet, but am planning on diving in as soon as I get back from the trip I’m on at the moment.

    And finally, I totally hear you on the Breaking Bad thing! I had to stop watching it about a year ago – WAY too dark for me!

    • Hi Amanda. I’ll have to check that book out! Thanks!

  7. Great post, AJ! Over time I’ve come to believe that anger and fear are actually the same emotion, expressed in different ways. As you said, anger is all about control, and it’s the fear of loss of that control that makes us upset. Or it’s hurt, frustration, etc., masked as a more aggressive emotion, which is self-protective. But all of those things are really a fear of not getting something we want or need.

    I think it helps when this occurs to ask ourselves exactly what it is we’re afraid of at that very moment, and whether it’s a legitimate concern or not (there certainly are legitimate things to be afraid of, but most of them don’t happen on a daily basis).

    It’s best to deal with the issues that are happening in the present, and try to avoid making up stories about the future, since they may or may not ever actually come true. Easier said than done, but worth working on! :)

    • Thanks Jennifer. I think they’re separate emotions, but everything usually comes down to fear.

  8. AJ.. I just read somewhere (will find the book reference for you) that you cannot have anger without fear.

    Interesting thought..

    • Can you think of a situation where you might be angry and not fearful? I’ll admit, most of the time it does come from a fear.

  9. Great article, and comments as well. I have come to believe, like Jennifer, that at the root of all anger is fear. Next time you are angry about something stop and think…what do you think you are losing, or are you fearful that you are not being understood, or recognized/acknowledged, or maybe it is that you feel you are you not being understood, or that you are being taken advantage of or…..! You will find that the base emotion leading to the anger is the fear of something. Even in a simple situation of a traffic jam and you lose it, why? You likely are afraid that you are going to be late for something, or are wasting time that can be used elsewhere, or? If you can, at that moment, surrender to what is, and release control and fear of outcome, then magic will happen. Breathe in and claim peace, breathe out anger.

    • Great advice!

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