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Ever since I was a little boy, I’ve had a neurological disorder called Tourette Syndrome. I think I started experiencing motor and vocal tics when I was 5 years old and even though it was much more severe back then, I still have it.

It’s actually quite embarrassing sometimes. I can’t really control it. I barely noticed what I’m doing when I’m doing it. It’s not until somebody points it out with a “Are you okay?” or “Is there something bothering your eyes?” or a “You should take some Zyrtec for that allergy.” Once somebody points it out, it usually makes it worse.

  • Vocal tics are noises that I make subconsciously. I have no idea I’m doing it, but I’ll do everything from a screeching hum in my throat to a “zzzzz” sound with my mouth like I’m a buzzing bee. Mostly, it’ s a gentle humming that sounds incredibly random. When I was younger, it was much worse. It wasn’t like the swear words you would here on an episode of South Park, it was more like shouting words uncontrollably.
  • Motor tics are physical movements, like jerking my arm out uncontrollably, shrugging my shoulders, or shaking my hands. There is also a sniffling and snorting I do with my nose. Most of the time, it’s blinking my eyes and moving my face. Just writing this out is actually activating the  muscle memory and I’m doing it now, lol.
  • Combined tics are what usually occur. This is when vocal and motor tics are done simultaneously. To this day (at age 28), I still experience both daily.

I was teased and made fun of quite a bit throughout my entire elementary, middle, and high school experience. Just imaging having the hormones of a teenager and Tourette’s at the same time. It’s really humiliating. I grew to stop caring what other people thought of me—and unlike other people who just say that, I really mean it. The only standard I learned to hold myself to was my own. It was a great lesson to learn from having this experience. I know that perseverance is a major life theme for me and it shows up in just about every reading I get.

I was promised by my doctors that I would grow out of it when I became an adult. This is very common for doctors to say and I don’t know where they get their evidence. I have been lucky to meet plenty of adults with Tourette’s who range from their 20s to their 40s. I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who “grew out of it”. I think that’s where people confuse Tourette Syndrome with just plain old regular Tics.

In my early 20s, I started a mission to help figure out why I have Tourette’s and I have tried many techniques to try to heal the issues. One of the first techniques I tried was Holosync—which is a binaural beats product that helps you get into the “Alpha State”. Holosync was very effective, but only when I stayed in that meditative state. I obviously couldn’t stay in that state all the time.

I also tried The Sedona Method, which teaches you to fully experience the moment of mental and emotional situations—which usually trigger my Tourette’s. I’ve tried going vegan, raw vegan, and paleo. I’ve tried juicing every day. I’ve tried Yoga, Reiki, and Re Hu Tek for energy healing. All of it works, but it only suppresses it.

Another thing I tried was Soul Clearing on myself. This is when I go into the Akashic Records and channel the story behind  what’s occurring in my life. I concluded that even though I was able to heal the mental and emotional trauma I was carrying from past lives, I wasn’t able to clear to the level of my physical body.

This is when I decided to ask my hypnotherapy teacher, Dr. Coletta Long. She explained that there has been an increase in these types of issues due to the Holocaust during World War II. She told me stories of men and women being tortured and killed in gas chambers—which created a soul memory imprint of vocal and motor tics, replaying the experience of a very traumatizing death in concentration camps.

This is where I learned about something new called “Frozen Blocks of Energy”. This is different than the blocks and restrictions I found in the Akashic Records. These frozen blocks are held in the subconscious and stored in different areas throughout the body. When I did Regression Therapy to facilitate the removal of those frozen blocks, I saw a story of being brutally beaten and murdered. The blood was so heavy that I couldn’t breathe. It was in my eyes, nose, and lungs. I just kept shrugging and jerking to stay alive, but it killed me.

Even with a session of Regression Therapy, I still have Tourette’s, but I will say that it’s improved a little bit. If I was at a 10/10 before the session, I am now probably a 5/10. I plan on having another session, this time with Dr. Long soon when I finish my apprenticeship with her. If you live in the Tampa Bay area and are interested in having a session of Hypnotherapy with me, I have a very (extremely) low rate while I’m still studying the craft.

Now I want to hear from you. Do you have experiences, maybe even illnesses, that have shown up for you that are connected to a past life? Have you been able to heal it? Leave a comment below!

* Image credit goes to South Park Studios. It’s a screenshot from the episode: Le Petite Tourette. 

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