Intuition for Purpose Seekers

An intuitive skill set is very much like any other skill set you learn. It takes time to develop and nurture it. In the past few years, I’ve learned quite a bit about intuition. I wanted to share with you the 21 points I’ve found that make it difficult to do this work.

1. Not believing in yourself – When you’re thinking from a mindset that “you’re not enough”, you’re not in the present moment. This means you cannot channel intuitive information. You can only do this work in the “here and now”. If you don’t think you can do a psychic reading, guess what, you can’t. If you’re thinking about how the reading is going to go, you’re still out of the present moment and you won’t be able to channel. You focus should be without the judgments of how well or not well things are going.

2. Not saying what comes to you – My first lesson while doing this work came from a psychic who was testing my skillset. In the middle of reading for her, she stopped me and said, “you’re not telling me everything that you’re getting”—and from that moment on I made it my goal to act strictly as a medium between spirit and me. If it comes to you in the present moment while doing a reading, share it with your client.

3. Doing it for free – Believe it or not, doing it for free does seem to have a negative impact, especially when starting out. Money is energy and it has a vibration. When someone makes the investment to work with you, they are vibrating at a frequency and setting a clear intention that they mean bid-ness. This doesn’t just have to do with readings. With everything in life, you will generally find that when you charge more, your clients respect you more. In business, for example, there is a universal law called “fixed price congruency”—the more you charge, the higher the quality. Some of us are aware that this isn’t necessarily true, but it is what drives us. The people who want really good readings are willing to pay a higher price for them.

4. Not setting clear intentions – Want a sure fire way to give a really sh*tty reading? Just fail to set a clear intention on the purpose of the reading, who you wish to channel, and what areas you would like explore together. This isn’t a guessing game.

5. Caffeine overload – I’m a diet coke fiend. I really love it, but I realize that the caffeine in it makes a huge difference in my vibration and energy level. Here’s the deal, it’s not life-force energy. It’s synthetic. Sure, you’ll get the rush from it, but it won’t provide you the life force you need to conduct a proper reading. An overload of caffeine, like a Monster Energy Drink or Redbull, usually pushes me over the edge and I get into a lower vibrational state where it’s harder to channel. Don’t get me wrong, I know people that thrive on caffeine, but it doesn’t work for me.

6. Using drugs – Drugs are something very popular and I want to warn you that even through you may feel more connected to Spirit, the connection those astrals can be very dangerous to both your health and spirit. They definitely keep you ungrounded and they make it difficult for you to discern whether the information you’re getting is coming from higher vibrations or from the lower astrals.

7. Drinking alcohol – If you want to do a killer reading, you’ve gotta cut out the heavy drinking. If you’re hung-over, it’s just not going to work very well. A hung-over body’s aura is very damaged too and it takes a little bit of time for you to repair. I suggest refraining from alcohol 24 hours before a reading. Save the drinks for the weekends. I will add the caveat that a glass of wine does actually help me in my mediumship readings, but I don’t drink prior or during the reading because of self-authority and discernment.

8. Nutrition imbalance – Food is probably my number one problem when it comes to channeling properly. For the longest time, my readings have been up and down in regards to little information to a ton of information. I’ve had to use a pendulum and divination tools to supplement—until I figured out the correlation between the food I eat and what I channel. Most of us live the typical lifestyle:

“Wake up, drink lots of coffee, eat a bowel of sugary cereal, snack on soda throughout the day, pizza for lunch, pasta for dinner, chips before we go to bed”…recipe for disaster!

9. Not raising your vibration – Raising your vibration is so essential to doing this. You cannot talk to Spirit Guides, for example, without moving into their vibration. They are at a much higher vibration than we are and to communicate with them properly, we need to tune into their vibration. The easiest way I know how to raise your vibration is to speak the name of your favorite Archangel or Ascended Master out loud and breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Notice your vibration rise as a result. The consequences of doing a reading from a lower vibration is getting intuitive “guidance” from spirits in the lower astral, which could be very useless and egotistical.

10. Not being still – Failure to be still and quiet your mind is essential—this is why so many teachers recommend a meditation practice. I personally do not get quiet that way because I know that I won’t stick with it. I practice the art of “living in the moment” and it’s very simple, just notice when you’re not in the moment and it will automatically spiral you back in the moment. This works especially well in readings: if you find yourself thinking about how the reading is going, whether it’s “good” or “bad”, that’s your sign that you’ve left stillness and need to return. Don’t resist it, just say “Thank you Guide’s” and finish your reading.

11. Failure to sensitize your gifts – Sensitization is critical. As you’re probably already aware, we’re all born with “Clair’s”. These gifts allow us to see, hear, feel, know, smell, and taste intuitive guidance. I believe that we’re born with all of these deactivated, with the exception of maybe one or two that are somewhat activated. Sensitization is really the art of noticing the intuitive guidance you get through your “Clair’s”. In the beginning, it’s critical that you know what Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, and Clairsentience looks, sounds, and fees like—for example. I have exercises on my blog for individuals who would like to practice activating these clairs.

12. Not activating, opening, and balancing your chakras – Our chakra system represents the energy centers to which we connect to Universal Collective Intelligence. An imbalance at the level of your aura can impair the quality of information you receive. For example, if you have an imbalance at your throat chakra, you may have difficulty with Clairaudience. Regularly practice spiritual cleansing and protection techniques to keep your chakras nice and balanced. It’s also sometimes important to open your chakras prior to the reading. I don’t always do this, but most of us have the psychic switch naturally turned to the OFF position. Set the intention to open your chakras as your sign to Spirit that you’re ready to work and get information, so it’s a great way to turn your psychic faculties ON.

13. Holding on to theories that don’t serve you – Rule #1 in psychic development is that most of the information you’ll hear from psychic teachers is bullsh*t. I’m really serious about this one. There are so many things they teach that can hinder your development. I was once told that I would never be clairvoyant because I wasn’t born with that gift. Guess what? The belief in that statement just reaffirmed to Spirit that seeing energy was never going to happen for me. I gave up that belief (and many other belief’s) and my gifts started to soar. My best advice is to take what works for you and feels right and forget the rest 

14. Listening to your ego – That pesky peskey ego! He can be so annoying, popping in at inappropriate times. There is a time and place for listening to your ego, so I don’t want you to ignore it. After all, what you resist persists in life. When your ego has something to say, simply let it have it’s space and say “thank you ego for your input” and move on to your intuition. It is something you need to listen to, but you need to learn to discern your ego from your higher self.

15. Relying to heavily on divination tools – Pendulums, Oracle Cards, Astrology—they’re all great tools and wonderful for psychic development. The most professional psychics in the world use Tarot in their readings to help build the “big picture” of a reading. The problem arises when you stop using your intuition and you rely on synchronicity alone in your reading. If you want to give a quality reading, you’re going to have to leave your comfort zone once and a while.

16. Not paying attention to your feelings – I used to do this all the time. I would ask the client a question and I would feel a sharp pain somewhere in their body. I would continue through the reading until the very end and ask “you didn’t have knee surgery did you? I’m picking up your pain”—sure enough that was exactly what was happening for that particular client. Your feelings are just as important as what you hear and see. They can be extreme validating, so don’t discredit it.

17. Not paying attention what you see – Why does the annoying picture of my ex-boyfriend pop into my head when I’m trying to read a client. This is about her, not about me! “You didn’t just go through a break up did you?”, sure enough that was exactly what it was. Spirit often communicates with us using signs and symbols from our past, so don’t be surprised if you see something that you’ve seen before.

18. Not paying attention to what you hear – I can’t tell you how many times I get songs stuck in my head while doing readings. The song you’re hearing might have a very special meaning to your client. So speak up!

19. Using the wrong kinds of crystals – Crystals are wonderful things and they are excellent at raising your vibration and helping you stay grounded. They are also useful for healing and for protection. However, some crystals can be harmful to making a clear, solid, connection. For example, I love the amethyst. I think it’s a beautiful, high vibrating crystal, but if I use it for a mediumship reading, my vibration will be way to high to connect with recently departed loved ones. Some, on the other hand, are way too grounding to talk to Spirit Guides. You don’t need crystals to do this kind of work, so if you’re having trouble, try taking them off and putting them away.

20. Not capable of holding the energy required to do a reading – It takes a lot of energy to do this kind of work and I strongly believe that having experience in a healing modality such as Reiki (at least Level 2) will help you harness energy so you can recognize and tune in. This doesn’t mean you have to start a Reiki practice, but I think it’s incredibly helpful.

21. Failure to use tact when you don’t get the preferred answer – You can’t help someone if you’ve hurt his or her feelings. You have to present the information you receive in a tactful and practical way. If you don’t they are not likely to believe the information you are providing.

Am I missing something from this list? Does any of the above affect your readings? Leave a comment below.

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