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The $1,297 psychic reading: Why some psychics charge more.

Recently, I raised my prices from $97 to $197/hour—essentially doubling my rates. Just a shameless plug here, I do plan up raising them once again in a few months. If you wan to book session with me, there is no better moment than the present moment.

I did so for many reasons, but the big reason is because I only wanted to work with people who were very serious about the work we do together. I simply didn’t want to do casual readings with no intentions behind them because I’m not able to assist in as much transformation that way.

I got a few comments about this from a few people suggesting that I shouldn’t charge so much for my “sacred gifts”. This is really a common theme in the metaphysical world. They see this work as ministry, when it’s far from it. I really wanted to take a moment and clear some things up. Hopefully this will help you be a better consumer.

Which brings me to the Tweet of the Week:

“Not all readings are created equal. Work with a psychic who has the frame of reference to help you via @OpenPsychic” — Click here to Tweet this.

First of all, we don’t have gifts. I really have a hard time labeling them that. We have skillsets that we meticulously developed and practiced over a long period of time. Everybody has psychic ability just like everybody has the ability to repair their car or put hardwood flooring in their kitchen. The difference between us is that I do professionally and you don’t. You have the power to get insight in your life on your own if you wanted to.

All readings are not created equal. It’s a myth that we all get the same information. We don’t. The big reason is because we don’t ask the same questions. The truth here is that we all have different life experiences and understandings of how things work. Carolyn Myss, for example, is a very experienced medical intuitive. Since I don’t know where the liver is even located in reference to your body, you probably wouldn’t want to do that work with me. Some psychic may a lot of experience working with entrepreneurs. So if your intention is to create a 7 figure business, it would be much more beneficial to work with someone who has done it before.

My “gift” is to help other people realize what their gifts are and I do it very well if I do say so myself. I do clearing work at the end of the session to zero-out blocks and restrictions in the Akashic Records and also remove stuff from your aura that are getting in the way of you having abundance in your life. If you are interested in booking a session with me, head over to and click on the “Work With Me” tab at the top of the page.

Now, I want to hear from you.

Do you think it’s unethical for a psychic to charge as much as say, a Doctor? A lawyer? What’s the most you have ever paid for a reading?

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  1. I would just like to suggest that if it is possible that you give different “sets” or “packages” in your psychic readings. Let’s say, if a person would just like to have a quick reading for maybe 1-3 questions, there should be different price ranges maybe 1 question would be like worth $25, 2 for $50. I mean, it may seem like its a business, but in my opinion, the $197 could be like your all-in package. Honestly, not everyone could afford that much. Some people would love, love, love to work with you but then its just a little too pricey if that’s the only way to have a connection with you. Honestly, I would love to work with you, and I would love you to be my mentor, but then i’m saving up to have a reading with you, and my son was born so i have to save. now I knew that your price rate went up, I have to wait perhaps a few months more to have a little more extra to work with you. The most I paid was about $95 for a reading with house cleansing and $25 for a 2 question read. I used to work with Jessica Caracciolo, but then she commended me to you as she finds that it would be better working with you according to your expertise.

    • Hi Elijah,

      Thank you so much for the comment. That pricing model doesn’t work for me unfortunately. Unlike a lot of methods I see psychics use, I don’t use divination tools like Tarot or Angel cards during this kind of session. I have a completely different approach where I go into your Akashic Records and identify your soul level gifts and also blocks and restrictions. Afterwards, I clear those restrictions.

      All in all, it takes me about 60 minutes to prepare for the session and then about 60-90 minutes on the phone with the client. It’s pretty intense. So it’s not your typical psychic reading.

      The cool thing is that there are an unlimited amount of psychics, intuitives, and healers out there. You can opt for and pay by the minute, you could see someone local, or you could book a session with Jess or her sister—I’ve had readings with both and I LOVE their work.

      You won’t see a lot of “tell me my future” or “what should I do” in a session with me. What I’d prefer to do is figure out what’s blocking you from manifesting the life you want—and I do so in a very different manner than other psychics do because I like to do a lot of investigation to figure out “what’s really going on”.

      I hope that helps! If you’d like some recommendations for intuitives in your price range, I’d be happy to connect you to some great people.

  2. I agree! This is why there are so many psychics and different prices out there. You have to find the person and psychic that is right for you.

    • Exactly, we’re all different. You’ve gotta work with the one you resonate with.

  3. Hi AJ! Great piece. I once had a reading from the son of the woman who books herself as a “world renound psychic.” I think I must have paid around $250 or $350, and quite honestly, the reading was far from spectacular. And when I asked about the main issue that has been one of my life’s biggest challenges, the answer I was given was worse than lame. I don’t know if my guides didn’t want him to help me at that time, or what. He got nothing on that issue. (I understand why his mother charges a lot for her readings- as she supports the church she created with these funds. But even her readings that I’ve seen on TV haven’t impressed me- probably because the people she reads, don’t ask questions like, what is blocking me from …)

    I have since had readings with psychics who are right on. They have been helpful, given messages that were loving and pertinant, and really helped me to move forward in my life. I have also taken some classes to develop my own intuition and to learn energy healing techniques, so I can help myself.

    I was turned onto your sight by your friend Lisa (PI), and I like what I’ve read and heard so far. Looking forward to reading more!

    • Susan, I think I know of the person you’re referring to. I wondered about this person.

      I would rather teach other people to tap into their own intuition than give readings. This is why my readings are so different than normal psychic readings.

      I love Lisa! She’s just absolutely awesome, isn’t she?

  4. I have a sort of moderate opinion about this, I suppose. I certainly don’t mind being paid for spiritual work, because I have to make a living somehow, and if I didn’t get paid for that, I would have to spend that time doing something else that I did get paid for. It’s a simple equation. However, if I won the lottery I would probably do it for free!

    But I don’t understand those who say that psychic work should always be free because it’s spiritual. Even priests get a salary, for heaven’s sake. It’s a skilled service, as you say, and it takes a lot of time and effort. I see no reason not to be compensated reasonably for it.

    And I agree that I want to charge enough to attract people who are serious about the work. But I also don’t want to charge so much that only people with a lot of money could book my services. There are a lot of people with average incomes who really need the help, and I don’t want to rule those people out. It also seems a tremendous risk to pay a lot of money to someone for intuitive work, unless you know they have a good reputation.

    As a sort of compromise, I offer a mini-reading to start with, and if that interests the client, they can “upgrade” to the full reading by simply paying the difference. I figure this gives them a sample of the service without risking more money than they can afford.

  5. That’s how I feel too. Here’s how I see it: if you can’t afford a reading with me, book a session with one of the many other talented, gifted, and special people out there. I’ve thought about adding a 30 minute option, but I’m not quite ready to do that yet. I’d much rather refer them to somebody who can give them what they’re looking for.

  6. AJ,

    Hi there! When it comes to price, I used to think that I shouldn’t charge much because I felt guilty about it. One of the main reasons I decided to follow this path is because I wanted to help people. I wanted my readings to be accessible so that my clients could take the information and use it to move forward. While some have, many others have not. I decided a couple of weeks ago to raise my prices beginning the first of the year. While I have struggled with this decision, I think it’s the right one. I want to attract clients that are ready to move forward and that will use this information to transform their lives. Thanks for the great article!

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