Intuition for Purpose Seekers

Is there somebody out there who drains you? Being around these people can create lots of discomfort in your life. Just about everybody that I talk to share common experiences of “psychic attack” at one point or more in their life. In my practice, I’ve encountered all sorts of situations where this “siphoning” of energy seems to occur most often.

Psychic vampires is the closest term I can find to tackle this phenomenon. For as much as I hear about it, it doesn’t surprise me at all that society has popularized the term “psychic attack”. Obviously, many people clearly know when there is something in their life that doesn’t belong to them. It’s almost like malware on a computer. It slows things down because it begins to take up space and uses all of your resources.

One thing I’ve discovered recently is that there are really no innocent victims. Whether consciously or unconsciously, we allow things to get to the point where it causes stress in our lives. We also have the power to release ourselves from the suffering. Here are some things you can do to relieve yourself from psychic attack:

Set firm spiritual and personal boundaries. Make it clear what is allowed and now allowed in your life. You need to define what is off limits. What will you not put up with?
You may want to try cutting cords of attachment from people who tend to really set you off. Cord cutting is a ritual that can be done by a skilled practitioner—like my friend Lisa at Practically Intuitive.
Don’t say yes when you really mean no. If there is something you really don’t want to do, saying “No!” will help you stand in your truth.

Now, I want to hear from you.

Is there somebody in your life that drains you? Do you think you have a cord of attachment? How do you cope?

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