Psychic Vampires: Is somebody siphoning off your energy?

Is there somebody out there who drains you? Being around these people can create lots of discomfort in your life. Just about everybody that I talk to share common experiences of “psychic attack” at one point or more in their life. In my practice, I’ve encountered all sorts of situations where this “siphoning” of energy seems to occur most often.

Psychic vampires is the closest term I can find to tackle this phenomenon. For as much as I hear about it, it doesn’t surprise me at all that society has popularized the term “psychic attack”. Obviously, many people clearly know when there is something in their life that doesn’t belong to them. It’s almost like malware on a computer. It slows things down because it begins to take up space and uses all of your resources.

One thing I’ve discovered recently is that there are really no innocent victims. Whether consciously or unconsciously, we allow things to get to the point where it causes stress in our lives. We also have the power to release ourselves from the suffering. Here are some things you can do to relieve yourself from psychic attack:

Set firm spiritual and personal boundaries. Make it clear what is allowed and now allowed in your life. You need to define what is off limits. What will you not put up with?
You may want to try cutting cords of attachment from people who tend to really set you off. Cord cutting is a ritual that can be done by a skilled practitioner—like my friend Lisa at Practically Intuitive.
Don’t say yes when you really mean no. If there is something you really don’t want to do, saying “No!” will help you stand in your truth.

Now, I want to hear from you.

Is there somebody in your life that drains you? Do you think you have a cord of attachment? How do you cope?

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  1. Psychic vampires in my life? They are definitely my parents.
    I’m not sure, but I always feel “drained” when I spent time with them. We don’t have good relationship. We always have the urge to fight (verbally) when we are together.

    There was a time when I felt “I love my life”. And that feeling changed so quickly to “I hate my life” after I engaged “another fight” with my parents.

    I always do my best to avoid any social contact with them. I think I have some nasty cord of attachments with them.
    I don’t know any way to cope other than “ignore and avoid”. I tried to be assertive but sometimes assertiveness can only go so far.

    • Alex, I can TOTALLY relate! I have a similar relationship with my family. We used to always fight.

      You are in charge though. You can always create those boundaries with them. With my family, I have very strict limits on what we’re allowed to talk about and what is off limits. Another option is to limit your time together.

      I will say that Cutting Cords of Attachment is an excellent way to eliminate those energies. You might benefit from a session with Lisa at She’s awesome at this.

    • Thank you for sharing your experience! I have the same situation. I had trouble with my self-development until I moved 5,000+ miles away from my mom. Based on the social conditioning, I was in denial of the negative energetic effect my parents had for me, but now I know. It’s too bad I cannot be close to my dad, but I make it up with frequent phonecalls.

  2. Hey AJ,
    I always look forward to your weekly videos they are always very informative. For me I would say my family are the ones that drain me so I just keep my distance from them. I always surround myself with the white light when I know I will be seeing them. If I still feel a bit off I will go take a sea salt with lavender hot bath always works for me.

    • Thank you very much Michelle! Family does seem to be the biggest drainers. Sea salt and lavender bath sounds divine!

  3. AJ, I had a friend who absolutely drained me. After every visit, I would leave exhausted. Over time, as our kids grew up from the toddler stage to entering school, we saw less and less of eachother (we live at polar opposite ends of a large, rural town, and our kids are at different schools). Because it had always been me who did 99% of the work to get together in the first place, I found that if I just waited for her to call me, it wouldn’t happen. And we haven’t visited in a few years now- which is just fine with me. I think I’m rather glad that our relationship is this way now: reading Facebook posts to see what’s going on, and that’s it. I haven’t felt the need to cut any chords of attachment there.

    But, when it comes to family, it was rough between my mother and me. I had chords of attachment cut there, and it helped free me a bit. I became much less reactive to her. I also did some energy work that cleared a karmic chain of wounding from mother to daughter in my family. After that she stopped verbally attacking me when she’d be manic (after 47 years of it).

    I know from experience that cutting chords of attachment really works. It is quite freeing.

    • Hi Susan. It sounds like you’re this person’s power supply. Cord cutting is just a ritual, it’s not always necessary. You have the power and the choice to put up with it or cut ties.

      What a wonderful story. I’ve personally cut 10-11 cords of attachment and of course cleared a lot of blocks in my Akashic Records. I don’t know what I would do without this technology!

  4. Being around my boss is definitely draining – and I work in very close quarters with her. She has a very glass is always half-empty kind of mentality coupled with a sense of superiority.

    I’ve recently started a new ritual every morning when I first get to work: I visualize a beam of light moving down through my chakras and say “I’m calm, centred, and grounded.” then visualize the light forming a sphere of protection around me and say “I’m protected from all outside energies, and am responsible for my own thoughts and reactions.” It’s certainly helping!

    • Interesting. You know, I learned this wonderful affirmation from one of my teachers, you might want to try it.

      It’s called the Self Authority Decree: “I close off my aura to all but my own higher self and beings of the highest vibration who are with me at the choice of my soul.”

      It’s really incredible!

  5. I searched online for almost two years trying to figure this out and I am so grateful to have found your post. I know of a kid who has those effects – whoever is around the kid, the person’s energy level plummets and he/she looks as if covered in black shadow. (I am blessed with a little ability to see the energy patterns on people. Or, do I just sound crazy? O_O) Since the society says all kids are blessings, I have been having trouble understanding this, but your post gave me a place to start.

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