Reading the Akashic Records

In my experience, the Akashic Records is just a metaphor. You can call Universal Collective Intelligence, Spirit, Divine Guidance—whatever—it’s simply a term to describe the psychic connection to universal information. Slade Roberson, a mentor of mine, says that all psychics—whether they’re aware of it or not—access the Akashic Records. It’s not necessarily a “grand library in the sky”, but can certainly be interpreted that way.

So what are the Akashic Records really? They are an energy grid that exists on the astral plane where you find our Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, and what I just call Intelligence. You can access so information when you are in this frequency. Here are a few things that I always get from the Akashic Records prior to a reading:

  • Soul Group of Origination
  • Any other groups the client may identify with
  • Archangelic Realms the client belongs to

While there are literally infinite amounts of data points I can access, these three archetypes give me a lot of information about my clients on a soul level. After I get this information, I bring in their Spirit Guides to get answers to their questions.

How do you read the Akashic Records? Honestly, anybody can do this. Here are a few pointers on ways you can get access:

  • Using a guided meditation, go into a trance to meet your Akashic Record guides. They will assist you with navigating the Records. I’ve used this approach many times—especially when I was a beginner. I used Edgar Cayce’s method to going into a trance and I find it very effective.
  • Get a professional level Akashic Record Attunement. While I’m sure it isn’t necessary, I found getting an attunement with Slade was a very effective way of accessing the Akashic Records in waking state. After all, going into a trance is time consuming and not very practical during a reading. Now I can simply ask a question and get an answer in return. Another benefit to a professional attunement is the assignment of a Special Assignment Guide—specifically for doing work in the Records.
  • Dowsing. I know many practitioners that use a pendulum or muscle testing to go through a series of yes or no answers. I’ve do this when asking questions pertaining to different kinds of archetypes and validating what I get as true.
  • Pathway Prayer Process. So there is another method that I’ve used call the “Pathway Prayer Process”. It is taught by Linda Howe in a book called “How to Read the Akashic Records”. I found this method useful because all it really takes is intention to do psychic work. Prayer is an excellent (and powerful) way to set an intention.

Can healing be done in the Akashic Records? This is where information comes in and healing goes out. A trained practitioner of a Soul Clearing modality, like what is taught by Susann Taylor Shier’s Soul Mastery or Andrea Hess’s Soul Realignment, can perform healing.

The practitioner essentially identifies areas that need healing, then, with the clients permission, sends out a special kind of prayer to clear the block. I have to admit, I’m a little skeptical that healing can be done this way. In my experience it takes work here on the physical, along with work in the spiritual to provide real healing. It’s like when people ask Archangel Michael to cut their cords every day, and the very next day they’ve all come back. I think it takes a little bit of work to clear out karma, but I’m open to the idea. I am learning about Soul Clearing now from Susann, so perhaps soon I can add it to my practice.

Do you access the Akashic Records? If so, do you do a soul clearing modality for healing?

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  1. Hi AJ,

    I don’t consider myself a “healer” in any way nor I have I studied more than one modality I believe that people have to do their own work, but they get help from other people. Once I had my ARG, I found I could go into the records and ask anything, and their/my team would answer as was deemed appropriate at that time for that soul.

    • Maybe that’s it for me too. I also don’t consider myself a “healer” either. I think that the way I provide healing is through counseling. I completely agree with the ARG. It was a huge help for me too!

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