Could Your Daydreaming be an Asset?

“Stop Daydreaming!” — My mom used to tell me.

But what’s so wrong with that? I find that daydreaming is such an excellent way to get messages from our Spirit Guides and Higher Self. Have you ever noticed that daydreams tend to come automatically? We rarely trigger them ourselves, except through maybe meditation. They tend to come when we’re not engaged, but in more of an alpha brain state. This is the state where our creativity, imagination, and intuition come from.

A daydream is essentially a short-term detachment from the present moment, where you engage is a fantasy or while in the awakened state. Some people call it wishful thinking, but I think it’s so much more deep than that. I believe it is a safe place where we experience what we want on a soul-level. It’s a reminder of what we really want and maybe even a nudge that it’s time to do something differently (perhaps even right now) to accomplish what we want. Studies have even shown that daydreaming improves your thinking.

I am a daydreamer. Seriously, I do it just about everyday. I imagine scenarios play out in my head. I imagine winning all of my arguments with people. I imagine what it would be like to blog about certain topics, like this one. I even imagine the hot encounters I want to have with my favorite television werewolf and vampire. Hot, I know…

…Obviously, there are things I daydream about that are never going to happen. But think about this for a moment. Just because I daydreamed it, doesn’t make it unreal. Those thoughts are real energetic experiences:

  • You can learn lessons from them
  • You can experience things that you normally couldn’t experience in normal circumstances.
  • You can work your problems out this way
  • and I believe you can even clear out negative thought patterns this way.

My point is this. It’s extremely difficult to manifest some things that you want in this world—if you don’t have the talents, gifts, soul contracts, and desire to do work to make it happen. Sometimes, we have to work things out internally so you can get what we really want externally. This is why I believe daydreaming is an incredible asset.

As vibrations are getting higher and we’re all transitioning into this “New Age”, I think those of us who are attuned to the energy are going to find ourselves doing a lot more daydreaming. So, next time you find yourself in a daydream, give your Higher Self a big ole’ “thank you”. Just be sure not to do this when driving or operating heavy machinery. 

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