7 Signs You Are Psychic!

I thought it would be neat to explore some signs that you may be having a psychic awakening. I had an interesting one myself, so first, I’m going to share with you my story.

I was your typical atheist. Actually, I still am quite skeptical of much of the psychic/intuitive/healing community. There is so much “woo woo” out there—the more I study, the more I realize all of the differing ideas regarding how the universe works. I’ll save the aliens, spaceships, star seed wars and battle between good and “evil” for another blog topic.

Back to my story. I was visiting with my friend, for the sake of this story I’ll call her Amy. We were having a few drinks and exploring Virginia Wine Country together and I have to admit, we were getting pretty hammered. While I realize now that I’ve had a really strong connection with Spirit most of my life, the alcohol really brought down my shields and I suddenly got “super-psychic”. I was channeling some departed grandparents and making all sorts of predictions. One notable prediction that I made was that Amy was pregnant and should immediately stop drinking. I woke up the next morning feeling like a loser—very embarrassed over my behavior. Luckily, my friends pretended it didn’t happen. That is, until a few days later when I started to get phone calls with validation. I was shocked. Amy told me to seek a good teacher on psychic development because there was NO WAY I could have known that information.

Here are 7 Signs You Are Psychic:

  1. You have vivid dreams and remember them clearly. With underdeveloped Clairs, our Guides, Angels, and loved ones use our subconscious to give us messages. You might want to consider keeping a dream journal if this is the case for you.
  2. You have Déjà vu. This is the feeling of certainty that one has already witnessed or experienced a current situation, even though the exact circumstances of the prior encounter are unclear and were perhaps imagined. I have these moments all the time. It’s simply Spirit’s way have saying “Pay Attention”.
  3. You notice subtle changes in energy. It doesn’t take training in a healing modality like Reiki or Healing Touch to sense energy. Energy is all around us and those of us who pay attention can feel it in our bodies, the Earth, and individuals around us. If you can sense energy, chances are that you can harness it for psychic means.
  4. You know things before they happen. Specifically, right before they happen. Many of us get these downloads from Spirit to remind us that we have abilities. This is sometimes known as Claircognizance, but not necessarily.
  5. You hear things. This happened to me. I heard music through my actual ears one evening for about an hour. When I told my higher self “Message Received”, it finally turned off.
  6. You see things. Sometimes you’ll see shadows out of the corner of your eye or when you’re in an Alpha brainstate, you might see full apparitions. Most of the time, you’ll see Clairvoyantly through your “mind’s eye”.
  7. You’re reading this blog post. Seriously. If you were directed here, I don’t believe it was an accident or a coincidence. The synchronicities we experience in life are astounding. You’ll begin to realize how much of life seems to happen that way.

100/100 people have some psychic ability—that is something I know for sure. This is something we just need to learn how to discern and trust.

Have you had a psychic awakening you’d like to share? Do you identify with any of the items on my list? Share in the comments below!

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