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There is so much bullsh*t in the New Age community. Seriously! It’s out of control. I’ve taken a stance since the very beginning of exploring my intuitive side to be skeptical of what I hear. I suggest to everybody I know to take everything they learn from teachers and books as theory. I think you’ll find that I sort of take it to the next level. I don’t believe the majority of concepts that most psychics believe. Here are 3 psychic concepts that I think are total bullsh*t:

  1. I don’t believe mediums are necessarily born. They say all mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are mediums, I’m calling bullish*t. I think these statements are totally wrong. The reason why I say this is because almost every medium I have ever met didn’t begin spirit communication until their 20s. Sure, there are the ridiculously lucky ones who’ve seen, heard, and felt spirits all their life, but even the most well known mediums don’t fit into that category.What I do believe is that not everybody can easily develop this skill. Not everyone has a calling for mediumship. In Europe, they have schools devoted to becoming a trained medium. You don’t see that much here in the United States, but there are a few Spiritualist churches who offer the training. Most mediums I know did not take this kind of training. Communication began mostly on accident. That’s how it happened to me. When I had my psychic awakening, I basically switched my abilities into the ON position. Occasionally, I have recently departed spirits come through in my readings. If I set the intention to do a mediumship reading, something almost always comes through.I did a spirit communication workshop in California last month and with 28 people in the class, everyone was able to channel their departed loved ones. Does this make them a medium? Not necessarily, but it does prove to me that there are certainly different levels of abilities. It really isn’t black or white here, and the above statement is used to scare away people who might actually have a calling to do this kind of work. Personally, even though I have the ability, I find more fulfillment doing my Astrology and Akashic Record work. If the occasional spirit would like to stop by during the reading, that’s A-okay with me :)
  2. I’m not completely sold on the idea of Soul Groups—at least not the ones people use to dowse the Akashic Records. Do I believe that these readings are accurate? Hell yes! I practice this kind of reading myself, but I don’t believe that anyone is necessarily from Mintaka or Alpha Centauri. I think these are archetypes that we use to allow Spirit to put people in the appropriate “boxes” they resonate most in. It definitely works, but it doesn’t prove in the existence of those particular groups.I have a few reasons for this. For one, why are their only 22 Soul Groups? Wouldn’t there be many others considering the size of our vast Universe? Certainly, there are more than 22 home worlds. Did anybody recognize that interesting number? That’s right, 22 is also the number of cards in the Major Arcana (in the Tarot). It’s just another set of archetypes to represent the human condition.Also, how can you explain the shifting of Soul Groups? I can read somebody as a Pleiadian and 5 years later, they’re a Sirian. You see this a lot, but the client still resonates with the reading. There are practitioners who believe the reasoning is that your soul is leaving your body and there is a new soul entering in. I’m not buying that either.
  3. I’m not buying the idea of negative souls. Anna, at PsychicButSane, has an excellent post about this. I have people in my practice that come to me after getting a reading with someone else who told them they have a negative soul. They paid $300 to be told that they’re evil and there was no healing that could be done for them. They outlined many issues in their life that were a consequence of being in this “Soul Group” and it was validating to the client because the psychic was technically right about the situations they were in. Imagine how you would feel if you were told you were evil and there was nothing you can do about it! Luckily, I practice Astrology. The charts never lie :) I pulled up his chart and the very things he was dealing with were clearly outlined in his chart. I explained that the issues he was dealing with were part of his life purpose and karma. I explained that these were the lessons he chose to learn in this incarnation, not the result of a possession. Anything with dogma, I automatically discredit.

Are there any psychic development concepts you don’t necessarily believe in?

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