#1 Way to Balance Your Chakras

When you are attuned to doing any kind of energy work, it is so easy for your chakras—also known as your energy centers—to become out of whack. When they’re out of whack, the consequences are clearly noticeable. You become easily fatigued and sometimes you even get sick.  This isn’t a topic people talk about very often, so I thought I would share a technique that I use that really helps.

Try to keep  your energy work to 30 minutes a day. Sound impossible? It’s really not if you use your skills. I personally don’t practice Reiki anymore because it’s exhausting for me to be holding onto all of that energy. It’s just not healthy for all of that energy to be flowing through me all the time. Whether you’re doing meditation, talking to your Spirit Guides, or doing readings for others, keep the energy work around a half hour. Just because you’re doing a reading for someone doesn’t mean that you have to be ON the whole time. Slade Roberson teaches a wonderful technique for, metaphorically speaking, “minimizing your applications” when you don’t need them.

What are the consequences for not doing this? Well, you can catch a cold for one. Being out of your body (which you are partially out of your body when you do some of this work) is very damaging to your immune system. Maybe not everyone will agree with me here, but I have found this to be the case. Another consequence is damage to your personal relationships. When you’re constantly activating your 3rd Eye and Crown chakras, you’re other chakras become off balance.

Here is the magical consequence of doing this one simple thing. You will get better and faster at receiving intuitive guidance because you put a time limit on it.

Do you have a practice that helps you stay balanced and healthy?

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