Intuition for Purpose Seekers

I’ve had an interesting thing happen to me two weeks ago—my readings started to get really vague and sometimes inaccurate. It was starting to become really clear that I wasn’t being a clear channel.

Before I tell you why this was happening, I thought I would give you an overview of my current workload:

  • Trying to do a 30 week astrology certification course in 6 weeks (recipe for disaster)
  • Learning to read the Akashic Records, identifying soul groups and gifts
  • Reading about 4 books a week on metaphysics (another recipe for disaster)
  • About 6 readings a week
  • Caffeine to keep me a way and a few glasses of wine every evening to calm me down.

And here is what my aura was looking like:

Root Chakra: 1/8 inch
Sacral Chakra: 1/8 inch
Solar Plexus Chakra: 1/8 inch
Heart Chakra: 1/8 inch
Throat Chakra: 1/8 inch
3rd Eye Chakra: Out into deep space

As you can see, my workload and dependence to all things metaphysics has caused a significant chakra imbalance. It’s negatively impacted my aura. So what did I do about it?

I decided to take 2 weeks off of energy work. No more channeling, no more stimulants, no more downers, no more readings—I cut it all out.

While I was taking my break, I learned a few lessons from some friends on Twitter & Facebook:

  • When you’re developing your psychic abilities, your guides will remind you when your ego gets in the way. They’ll often send you misinformation to remind you of your ego.
  • When you start to get misinformation, it could be time for an upgrade. Sometimes, your abilities can “turn off”, especially in the beginning. This is when it’s time to get your “upgrade”. Take a week off from readings and when you start back up, your abilities will be more powerful and spot on.
  • Psychic addiction is a great way to get misinformation. If your aura looks the way mine looked, it could mean that you’re not using your energy centers correctly in order to get valid information. It really does require all of your chakras to be a valid channel—so try opening your chakras prior to a reading. Even better, work on living a more balanced life so your chakras are always a little open and balanced.
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