About AJ

My dream was never to be an intuitive. Sure, I toyed with Tarot when I was a kid, but cared way more about technology and science. When I was 14 years old, I started designing websites and created a business in the town I lived in. I always strived to be a great web designer and my dream was to work for Fortune 500 companies like Apple or Google.

After I graduated high school, I got a full time job working for the Government. That earned me a security clearance and over the years I worked for big companies like SAIC and Lockheed Martin—all while being a full-time college student. I was so good at dealing with people and impressing our customers, they always put me in leadership positions. This is where I learned that true talent trumps everything. I was promoted so many times I’d forget my job title.

Before I knew it, I was working on billion dollar projects that should have been fulfilling, but ended up being very high pressure and the stress caught up with with me fast.

Things changed for me overnight when a high profile project suddenly ended. I identified who I was with this job. It was what I felt my purpose was—and when this job ended, I didn’t feel validated in what I was doing anymore. Sure, there was plenty of work that came ahead, but this traumatic incident led to a huge awakening that occurred when I was touring wineries with a friend.

My intuitive faculties switched to the ON position over a glass of wine. Information started flowing out of me. I told her she was going to have a baby and the alcohol wasn’t good for her. Everybody looked at me like I was a drunk fool as I prophesied tirelessly to my friend.

I woke up the next morning feeling utterly embarrassed. I couldn’t believe what had come out of my mouth the day before. It was so insensitive of me to say those things—because I knew already she couldn’t have kids and prior fertility treatments failed. A few days later I got an e-mail from her telling me a miracle occurred and a pregnancy test confirmed my prediction.

This was the first of many awakenings I experienced of higher levels of consciousness. I went from Atheist to Intuitive overnight. If there is one thing I’ve discovered through all of this—once you have consciousness of something, there is no going back. This Universal Truth foreshadowed many realizations to come, like repeating patterns of behavior from past lives, energetic blocks I created in childhood, and life lessons that kept showing up over and over again I needed to learn.

I became obsessed with self-discovery and cleaning the energetic closet. I took class after class—studying every modality I could find. Through dedication, I completely changed my life. I overcame my fears, I increased my intuition, I became empowered.

Today, I’m committed to helping others raise their level of consciousness. I help people connect to their Spirit guides, clear blocks and restrictions, and I teach people to read tarot cards—which is one of the most powerful ways to access the subconscious and get insight and wisdom for the soul.